This aluminum block is a durable replacement for the plastic gas vapor collector/ condenser found in left rear quarter panel of a Scout II.
It's a BETTER part, wont break, WONT LEAK!! Lets gas vent better, faster filling of tank. Machined and painted.
$16.00 inc. shipping.       You supply the barbed fittings for your Scout.
                         GAS COOLERATOR.
    This aluminum cooler for gasoline engines will keep gas from boiling-causing vapor lock.
    The tests reduced the temperature of the liquid passing thru the cooler by average of  70*f degrees! [35*f for gasoline]
    They are made 3 inches in length, to fit into the steel fuel line where a gas filter is usually placed.
    The  internal threads are 1/4" pipe at each end.  1/4" pipe barbed fittings could be used  [ as shown] ,
      or- use 1/4" m to  5/16th f flare fittings and plumb the cooler directly to steel fuel line. [FITTINGS NOT SUPPLIED]
    The best results for cooling fuel in the tests were putting the cooler as close as possible to the carburetor.
    An average of 1 mpg increase in fuel mileage after installing on one Scout engine.
        [ your mileage may vary]
    $20.00  each

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