Scout II  Greaseable Spring Shackle Bolts

  These BETTER bolts are SAE grade 8 FLANGED 5/8th" O.D.
  The bolts are pilot drilled for greasing spring eye bushings.
  The 5/8th" bolt diameter fits perfect to the I.D. of the poly bushings!
  This eliminates the sleeves used with the 7/16th" original size bolts,
         [as seen in photos below]
  allowing for a smoother quieter ride, firmer steering- less play,
  and less problems with bushing sleeves rusted to the bolts, causing squeeks,
  and disassembly difficulties.
  These 5/8th" bolts even when pilot drilled,
  are a lot stronger than a non drilled 7/16th" dia. bolt!
  The 7/16th when drilled are only as strong as a 1/4 SAE Grade 5 bolt!
  Which is why so many break!
  This larger diameter 5/8" bolt prevents bolt breakage, -a common occurence   with greasable 7/16th bolts from other manufacturers.
A broken spring eye bolt on front springs can lead to loss of steering control!
The 5/8th" bolts are made to order, according to the shackle plate thickness and width-
 so the grease hole is centered between the poly bushing halves.
The bolt head is indexed to allow for ease of aligning the grease hole.
[yellow paint on bolt head and flank, over triple hash marks on the head]

The grade 8 flanged stover locknuts are cadmium plated for corrosion resistance,
  and no washers are needed.
These larger bolts are perfect for that worn out spring perch/shackle elongated hole!
A 7/16th" bolt in worn holes causes loose steering and tracking, so these 5/8th" bolts are a surefire BETTER fix to a problem.
The bolts have a shoulder/grip the full width of the spring eye perch/shackle for less wear to the hole in the shackle or perch and maximum strength of the bolt.
[Threaded protions of a bolt aren't as strong as unthreaded portions.]


Note: expanded bushing sleeve stuck to the bushing                      >>>

Note: broken 7/16th" grade 5 bolts  -very common                        >>>

Note: worn bolts and threads from not correct shoulder length       >>>
                              [yellow paint areas]                                    


PRICE: $15.00   EACH BOLT AND NUT    + Shipping
         note: 3 bolts are needed for each spring.
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