PAGE 1   Tabors Retainer Plate    T.A.B.O.R. PLATE

                     Tabors' AXLE Bearing Outer Retainer  PLATE pat.pend.
                  Fits Dana 44 axles in Scouts or Jeeps
his axle/ bearing retainer plate is machined from high strength aluminum 3/8th" thick plate.
   It is design engineered so that should a catastrophic axle bearing failure, or broken axle occur 
    on the semi floating Dana 44 - the axle CANNOT escape the axle housing/tube!
  The Al. plate is 3/8th” thick,  so it becomes the bearing surface for the axle when a tapered roller
  bearing fails and disintegrates.
  The I.D. of the axle shaft hole in the plate is smaller than the O.D. of the Inner bearing race of a 
  SET 10 bearing, and is also smaller than the cinch collar that holds the bearing on the axle shaft.
  These features allow for axle retention, the axle splines are still engaged into the differential side 
  gears and this keeps the axle shaft in the housing, when the bearing fails. 
  Maximum end play movement is  ½” outwards of axle, and maximum vertical movement is 1/8”,
  if the bearing totally disintegrates, using a T.A.B.O.R. plate.
he brake shoes will still contact the drum,  the axle is still driven by the differential side gears-
    especially important for open diffs [no ltd. slip or locking ability].
  Thus- the vehicle is still under control and able to be driven and stopped!
  The thick high strength aluminum plate becomes the bearing surface for the hardened steel axle
  shaft to rest on during bearing failure.
  The TABOR plate is a substitute- a softer, bearing surface, which saves the axle shaft from damage,
  which will occur if using a steel retainer plate!
  Having a T.A.B.O.R. plate on the axle allows the vehicle operator to  safely and securely proceed at 
  a slow pace, road speed, to a repair shop, or home, and not damaging  or losing the axle!

  Which would you rather use, An original 1/8" thick steel plate,
  that doesn’t hold an axle shaft in the housing at all, when the bearing fails?
  The ID  of the OEM retainer plate axle hole is larger than the OD of the inner bearing race
   and cinch collar ring!
   [OEM retainer plate and copies, will bend, and won’t hold the axle in tube, and will tear up axle
    shaft seal surfaces].
      Or ---   use a  T.A.B.O.R. PLATE?
   Guaranteed to hold an axle shaft in the housing, and the ability to drive on that retainer,
    home again, with full control of vehicle.
   This is a great feature, so you don’t get stuck in the hills,
  or have to change axles and bearings on side of road, or get towed home!

    5  tons of pressure applied to retainer- results in .035" to .040" of deflection.
    Springs back to only .005" of permanent deformation.
   10 tons = .060" deflection and .010" of permanent deformation, no cracks in plate.
   Try that with a steel 1/8th" thick retainer or the 3/16th" retainer.

    EXCLUSIVE: only available through BETTER SCOUT PARTS.

  1 KIT :  parts for one IH Scout II axle-                                      each-         $115.00   + shipping
 [1- T.A.B.O.R. PLATE , 4 bolts/nuts , 1-Timken Set 10,  1 -National 9912 seal,  1 shim pack]
1- T.A.B.O.R. PLATE  [ 4 bolts/nuts  ]                                   each-    $50.00    + shipping  
  1- T.A.B.O.R. PLATE  [ no bolts/nuts]                                   each-    $35.00    + shipping    
    [ no bolts or nuts provided- use your own]
  4 BOLTS,NUTS for 1 T.A.B.O.R. PLATE [ IH AXLE ]       each-    $15.00    + shipping
  TIMKEN SET 10 AXLE BEARING                                     each-    $40.00    + shipping
  NATIONAL 9912 OUTER AXLE SEAL                              each-    $20.00    + shipping
  SHIMS  PACK [ 2 axle pack, see pg 3 ]                                 each-    $15.00    + shipping

  note: original bolts aren't long enough for the lock-nut to grip on, using T.A.B.O.R. Plate 
  and the original stover lock-nut should be replaced [used once].

                              T.A.B.O.R. PLATES:
      Plates are available for :     
     Dana 44 Scout II axles    1972- 1980 
     Full Size Jeep Dana 44-  1976- 1980
     Jeep AMC -20 axles       1978- 1983
     Jeep Cherokee Dana 35  1986- 1997  
     Jeep YJ D44                   1987- 1990
     More choices soon!
    SAVES!  1 so far! 2013- A Scout Dana 44 with new axle shafts:
      An axle broke and a T.A.B.O.R. PLATE held in the broken axle, while vehicle was driven 6
       miles off road, before the vehicle was to a place where the axle shafts could be swapped.
       The axle didn't escape the housing and No detectable damage to the T.A.B.O.R. plate from the
       rotating wobbling broken axle.
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