and       AXLE  BEARING SHIMS

  These bolts are  AN 8-14  ½.20 x 1 ½” n.f.,  with a  13/16”  length shoulder.
  This is a BETTER  bolt than original.
  The original bolts don’t have enough shoulder on them to properly support the 

These  bolts have the shear and tensile strength needed to support the retainer and axle shaft, under the high shear load during bearing failure.
The grip portion [un-threaded section of bolt] is long enough to go completely through the axle housing flange [3/16"], and the backing plate 1/8" and the 3/8” thick retainer.
Providing maximum shear and tensile load strength in bolt.
 Full length threaded bolts don’t have  the maximum bolt strength
   as a  partially threaded  bolt does.

The bolts have ground heads to fit/clear axle tube.

The nuts are  SAE Grade 8 flanged stover lock nuts, cadmium plated.
These flanged nuts hold the plate better, distributing the full tensile load,
 and are self locking.

PRICE: $15.00 for set of 4 bolts and nuts + shipping  [for IH Dana 44 axle only]
               [if purchased separately from retainers]


   Rear axle Dana 44 tapered roller bearing shims, these shims are designed and made to fit behind the TIMKEN SET 10 bearing.
   They are used to adjust and eliminate bearing end play.
   The shims allow  for adjustment of end play to 0.000", which tapered roller bearings work best at.
   I've seen a 10% improvement in gas mileage of a vehicle, and double the coasting distance, with zeroed bearing endplay.
   Shim set is 4-.003'',  4-.005",  4-.010", 2-.030" shims,  enough for both axle bearings.
   $15.00 for a shim pack,   $12.00 if also ordering  a set of  TABOR plates.
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